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1 GB Storge.
100 lead slots.
200 Prompts - per seat, per month.
Mandatory "Powered by Zoi" watermark.
Analytics Dashboard.
Basic Lead Profiling.
2 Progressive Profiling Fields.
No Custom Fields.
Suitable for small businesses with decent traffic needing more features and higher prompt limits.
$29/extra seat
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10 GB Storage.
2,000 lead slots.
2,000 Prompts - per seat, per month.
Mandatory "Powered by Zoi" watermark.
Analytics Dashboard.
Advanced Lead Profiling.
10 Progressive Profiling Fields.
5 Custom Fields.
Suitable for companies seeking to consistently convert a large amount of website traffic to leads.
$49/extra seat
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30 GB Storage.
5,000 lead slots.
5,000 Prompts - per seat, per month.
No "Powered by Zoi" watermark.
Analytics Dashboard.
Advanced Lead Profiling.
30 Progressive Profiling Fields.
10 Custom Fields.

Live Chat


Give visitors the option to seamlessly connect with a human agent if required. Includes an entire ticketing, chatting, and assignment system.

Additional Prompts


Fine with the features in your plan, but need additional prompts? This add-on will credit an additional 3000/10000 prompts to your account.

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Prompt Limits
Custom Fields
Progressive Profiling Fields
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About Zoi

Why should I use Zoi AI for the website?
Engagement! Your website is your brand identity online, and with conversational AI, you can easily and instantly engage website visitors with relevant information. Instead of getting lost in the information available on your website and losing interest, Zoi can easily hold your customers' attention by answering all the questions visitors might have about your business, services and products. It can be trained and tailored to your specific business needs to generate consistent experience.
Is Zoi using ChatGPT?
Yes. Zoi uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT large language model (LLM) to train the bot on the data provided by the company. It helps ensure that the chatbot provides contextual and accurate information to the customers.

Applicable Use Cases

What are some use cases for Conversational A.I.?
Conversational AI can have several use cases, depending on your business requirements:

(a) Website Engagement- You can instantly engage your website traffic with relevant information while reducing the website bounce rate highly.
(b) Lead Generation- It can also help boost conversion rate by pitching on your behalf and connecting you to the right buyer.
(c) Progressive Profiling- Track your prospects’ footprint and collect critical customer information by asking new questions every time a visitor lands on your website. 
(d) Reports & Analytics- Get a better view of your website visitors, conversations initiated, interests and buying intent to analyse and optimise sales and marketing efforts.
Can Zoi help strengthen my ABM strategy?
Yes. While engaging with your customers on your website, Zoi also does progressive profiling. It helps get more relevant information about your potential customer, and when a high-intent account is on your website, it can personalise the conversation and effectively pitch on your behalf. 


Do you need to have a CRM to use Zoi?
No, even if you don't, Zoi has an in-built lead and account management system that is powerful enough to bypass the need for an external CRM.

That being said, for easier management of leads and prospects, we do have integrations with popular CRM's to enable the flow of any lead information that Zoi captures directly into your database.
Do I need to know coding to put Zoi on my website?
No, you don’t need to know coding to implement Zoi on your website. You have to simply embed the javascript provided to you in the admin panel in to your website, and your AI-powered assistant will be ready!

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