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an AI Copilot for your website

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Zoi is a generative AI copilot that is trained on your data to answer questions, fetch relevant documents, and engage your visitors. It's fully customizable, has advanced lead capture features, and comes in both compact chat window and detailed AMA Bar forms to suit your website.

Chatbot Bubble

Tried and tested, this displays a small bubble that expands into a 4x3 chat window where users can ask Zoi queries.

Search Bar

This AMA Bar allows users to search for any queries and opens a layover for engagement.

Query Button

A stand-alone button that can be placed anywhere and opens a layover for any queries and engagement.

A platform to consistently engage, pitch and analyse.

Build a strong online presence with a pre-trained A.I. Assistant to create experience, engagement and better lead conversion rate.
Train Zoi on your data to ensure compliance & accuracy.
Capture leads through Zoi's advanced targeting & progressive profiling.
Answer queries to engage users and reduce bounce rates.
Zoi provides deep insights on customer intent and behaviour.

Fine-tuning and Advanced Training.

Answering questions isn't all Zoi does! She comes ready with features to help you drive engagement and supercharge your lead capture mechanisms.
Fine-tuning: Correct and improve specific responses, after or even before they are asked. Zoi will use your training to further improve future answers.
Progressive Profiling: Collect new lead details every time a visitor lands on your website to create a fuller customer profile. Zoi automatically probes for information it doesn't have yet for that prospect.
Follow-up Queries: Zoi doesn't ever let the conversation turn stale by actively suggesting follow-up queries and relevant documents.
Live Chat: Want to leverage AI to engage new prospects but also handle requests to talk to a human? Zoi can automatically handover support requests to your internal team.

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